A Look at Tiffany's 2019 Remake of "I Think We're Alone Now"

written by Kris Caballero (July 13, 2019)

Like majority of entertainment fans out there, I've grown dreary with film/movie remakes, reboots, decades-later sequels and prequels and so on. What about a musical artist remaking their own, modern spin on one of their hit song(s) from back in the day? Well well well....

A fresh start to our 2019 year, it's been a very good and an even-leveled year so far. Who would've thought that because of the nineties craze going on today, we'd be treated with a new take on a old classic? Pop star Tiffany did just that. Funny because after the network made announcements on the change of direction, investing in new computers, YouTube currently is our source for music. Upon indulging in eighties music, as usual, we came across Tiffany's original classic that featured compiled clips of her live performances at various shopping malls, while exploring small travels here and there. It wasn't long when YouTube's Recommended For You column featured her brand new music track and video of her hit "I Think We're Alone Now"—her cover of the popular song originally from Tommy James & the Shondells.

Her original cover hit was released in 1987 which, according to fans, was a time when going to the mall was the biggest trend. However, Tiffany's shopping mall performances trailblazed a path for future, upcoming pop stars who marketed themselves in a similar fashion. If anything, a chunk of them owe their gratitude and ought to pay their tributes to Tiffany. Rising along with artists such as Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, Belinda Carlisle (having gone solo) and Debbie Gibson, Tiffany held on quite well. In the words of what a fan said, "[Tiffany] deserved better success." We couldn't agree more.

For many fellow nostalgics, Tiffany's original video for "I Think We're Alone Now" was a perfect time travel gateway into the styles and trends back in the late eighties. From the hairstyles to the clothing, and the shopping malls to the fanbase, we've went through major transformations yet a roller coaster of a journey here in American pop culture history. We can't help but admire the simple fun of the past, when everyone enjoyed themselves without being uptight about who we were and what was being given/presented to us (debatable, but this is how one perceives the past generally). Reasons like this are why our generation is able to look back, smile, enjoy and even re-live the fun we all grew up with.

That's right: If it's a new, fresh video, that also included a modern twist of the song as well. I truly believe that if this new track hasn't been used in teen romance/comedy films, it will be soon. I'm going to guess it'll be featured and played on the reboot of Clueless. Okay, yeah, it's only this year this track has been released, but expect this to be played frequently.

Since shopping malls are dwindling very slowly, thanks to online shopping, you can tell that this video sports a more summer-esque environment. Think Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier, if any of you live in Southern California. Oh, and how about that cell phone "selfie video mode" shot at the mall?

To Tiffany, her band, production crew members and fans, we thought this was a fantastic job! Well done!

What do you think of the new remake? Tell us in the comments below!