"We Could Be Together" by Debbie Gibson

written and interpreted by Kris Caballero (March 14, 2017)

Album Artist Song Album Track Number Year
Electric Youth Debbie Gibson "We Could Be Together" #4 (Side Two) 1989
I may not have been born in time during her rise to popularity, but being the old soul that I am, it's fair to say that Debbie Gibson was my all-time crush during my teenage years. In fact, I loved her so much I cried at how beautiful she was. Yeah, yeah, I know. Even today, I still think she's beautiful despite co-starring in made-for-TV films.

Out of all the songs I've listened during her peak in the eighties, this one requires a little discussion. Let's take a closer look:
"If I were an only child
I would be a lonely child
but baby we've got nothing to lose
I'm standing tall in my own shoes
I'll take this chance
I'll make this choice
I'll right this wrong
I'll raise my voice
if it means
We'll be together
for a while"
So far, so good and everything seems clearly iterated as Gibson clarifies where she stands....and this guy she may be looking to "talk" to. Buckle up:
"I have never had a doubt
But for you I'll take time out
I'll push his love far away from me
and then I'll be completely free
I'll give up my security
for just the possibility
that we could be together
for a while"
The part where she sings "I'll give up my security" is already a bad sign for the guy she's currently with. Granted, we don't know the reason but Gibson has the hots for that other guy walking by and did something that made her heart beat differently. A startling occurrence to happen in one's love life, isn't it? Knowing that scares some people away from being in relationships, especially when the chorus goes like this:
"If you said "Jump!" I'd say "How high?"
If you said "Run!" I'd run and fly
Just for the chance
Just for the moment
Should the moment pass us by
and if you ask once I'll tell you twice
I'll ignore the world's advice
if we could be together
for a while"
She'll ignore the world's advice, ladies and gentlemen! There she goes! I don't know about you but the guy she's with did her wrong so bad, she's now grown sudden interest for this new guy. How quickly things change when you don't show enough love to your companion. After all, Love is work, right?
"I am taken by your strength
I've thought about it at great length
I thought that I was happy now
but there are things that I found out
Happiness means greater things
I'll sit here 'til that telephone rings
then we could be together
for a while"
It's official: Gibson is taken by this new man's strength, which could mean he's more loving, has a better job, very attractive and perhaps, very loyal (if you're optimistic). She even has his phone number! Funny what the heart can do, while singing out the process of the things running through your mind. Just when it couldn't get better/worse, depending who you are, you can see how slowly she's looking to drift away from her current guy. Sometimes, you really don't know unless you're one of the few who found their true love at an early age, got married and stayed married for decades. That's rare for most couples.
"Wait'll I tell my guy (wait'll I tell)
Wait'll I tell my other friends
They'll all think I'm crazy-
and you know what?
That depends...
'cause I'm crazy in love
with you and everyone's best won't do
They'll say my hopes
will not come true
But I'm taking the chance
Because you only live once-
Only live once (only live once)"
Now her current guy will be updated on the news and so will her friends. How quickly that transpired over a change of heart. If you're a woman in an unhappy relationship, this song ought to keep your hopes up in finding someone who's better suited for you. Then again, we don't condone cheating, but what you decide is clearly up to you. Remember, what you choose to do, as a result of reading this interpretation means you're ready for any consequences that may follow (as it usually does) and we're not responsible for anything that might happen along the way. Yes, we're not responsible, so do what you feel is right and be civil about it; We're only here to talk about song lyrics.

I have the Campfire Mix of this song and accidentally sat and listened to this song when I was too lazy to change the track on my MP3 player. I immediately thought, "Heh! What another fun song by the hottie herself!" Up until she sung about what Happiness really meant and waiting "'til that telephone rings." I began to question: is this one of Gibson's tracks that happily sing about cheating? Generally, songs about breaking up, questioning your heart, cheating and being in abusive relationships are sung in a sappy, forlorn tempo enabling listeners to hear and feel what the song is trying to say. Whether the lyrics in the song are based off a true story or not depends on the artist(s). However, when you have a fun, up-tempo, pop song enjoyable enough to realize you too are singing happily about cheating on your partner because s/he can't satisfy you and your needs really is quite a shot. Does this mean Gibson has underwent a similar situation herself? I can't really say she did in her personal life, but I'm sure it's relatable to some folks out there.

Some might say this song could be one's admiration toward a celebrity—a celebrity crush. How many women left their boyfriend/fiancé/husband to have a clear shot at dating Elvis Presley? What about the logical women, who realize that reasons behind cheating is to fulfill a particular need and attract attention, to make her feel unattainable and valuable, but also to get something she may not often get from her partner, only to sum the fact that cheating is a waste of time? Like dating experts say, you're better off breaking up than cheating. No one wants to be perceived as a conniving cheater, unless you like being labeled as a cheater, then that's fine if that's what you want.

Fun, catchy song, but this is a clear example of reading and interpreting what the lyrics mean before singing it aloud, with friends and family, your partner and on karaoke. If it wasn't for such lyrics, I'd say this would've been charted higher (charted at #71, as a result).