"Don't Wanna Fall In Love" by Jane Child

written and interpreted by Kris Caballero (February 14, 2017)

Album Artist Song Album Track Number Year
Jane Child Jane Child "Don't Wanna Fall in Love" #4 1989
I will start with this: the album this song was released in is completely written, sung and produced by Child herself. Quite rare compared to today's musicians, isn't it? So there.
"Ain’t no personal thing, boy
But you have got to stay away
Far, far away from my heart, my heart
Don’t you know what your kiss is doing
Let me tell it to you from the start, boy

I don’t wanna fall in love
Love cuts just like a knife
You make the knife feel good
I’ll fight you to the end, baby"
I think that first verse going to the chorus makes this a very easy interpretation: she's playing hard to get yet loves how the man is pursuing her. Since she mentions his kiss, suddenly there's this self-denial that because Love can be dangerous, the man's actions is slowly proving her wrong. Sounds like a beautiful feeling, don't you ladies think?

Here's the part where she literally confirms her feelings for the man:
"I learned something about myself
Last night with you I knew
I didn’t want nobody else
And you’re scaring me to death now baby"
Score! Congratulations.

The last line saying she's scared to death is being said tongue-in-cheek. The "scare" is very much the girl realizing that what she thought was dangerous and heart-aching really isn't, and it's giving her the chills. All this time, she felt Love is/was a waste of time, until this man comes along and shows that not only is Love good, but he knows the way to make her heart melt as she sings out her thoughts coming from her heart.

The song title may seem like a pledge in wanting to be single, like majority of songs today that sing about love and relationships in a negative light, but this marvelous track uses reverse psychology. You know how a girl plays hard to get and sways away, even though what she's trying to tell you is continually chase her? Kind of like that, except in this case, the man has pursued the girl and Child sings how that feeling she thought was rare has made her feel so good, hence the line "You make the knife feel good." If you give your heart to someone, you're trusting them not to break it; if Love "cuts like a knife and the knife felt good," then Child is saying that her perception of a romantic relationship has changed for the better. In other words, she's happy with the man and can live without any doubts at all.

A simple interpretation, yet an absolutely fun song to listen to. What do you think? Let us know!

And a Happy Valentine's Day to you, all!