"Beat Chatter"

The true round-table talk show where we chat everything about music from the oldies up to today's chart-topping hits! We bring up fun topics related to music, only to respond with hilarious, cool and awesome answers in ties with various musicians. Hosted by Kris Caballero.

Join in our talks and leave comments here and/or our social media platforms using our hashtag #BeatChatter and your post could be featured on a future episode!

Official Beat Chatter episode list

Episode No. Title Duration Date Aired
01 Earth Wind & Fire, Death Cab For Cutie and Genesis 10:28 March 22, 2017
02 Phil Collins, Metallica and Kings of Leon 13:43 May 11, 2017
03 Beach Boys, Debbie Gibson and Journey 06:47 June 13, 2017
04 Pink Floyd, Rick Astley and Guns N' Roses 07:41 August 21, 2017
05 Nobuo Uematsu, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Herbie Hancock 08:54 March 05, 2018